What we value

Join Us!

Come join us  at St. Peter CrossFit and truly test your health and fitness limits.  We strive to make your work experience unlike any other.  We use high intensity functional movements to better your overall fitness and weight loss goals.  Variety will guarantee that you never become bored with your training. 

Variety Makes Us Different

A wide variety of metabolic conditioning techniques help keep things fresh. We will challenge you to continually exceed your expectations. Running, biking, and rowing combined with Olympic lifts,  gymnastic movements, power lifting, kettlebell, plyometrics, and core conditioning  combine to make a complete 1 hour work out that will surely leave you feeling accomplished. 

Community Like None Other

Our members are more than just numbers.  We promote a community atmosphere that helps you realized your full potential.  Our community bands together and helps keep one another accountable.  Find out what its like to look forward to spending time at the gym!